Looking to the Future

I don’t leave West Seattle often, because, why would you?  But for my friend Jameson Morrell, I did. Jameson has been guiding us through a yearlong program of sustainability and I appreciate his passion for promoting healthy growth visions for small business.

Sustainable Seattle had their leadership awards dinner and we were invited. Sustainable Seattle promotes innovations that advance healthy communities, environments, and economies by providing a framework for advancing sustainability awareness, knowledge, attitudes, values, behaviors, and system characteristics. (www.sustainableseattle.org)

I finally met a few of the other business that Jameson has been guiding. West Seattleite, Wendy Lomme, from Akina Designs was there. They focus on expert earth-friendly interior and exterior design, installation and maintenance services, customized to meet your needs. (www.akinadesigns.com). Also in attendance was Jen, from Blue Sky Bridal. They sell eco-friendly gowns for sustainably, happily ever after’s (www.blueskybridal.com).  And finally, Dan Kohler from Freewheel Cargo.  Freewheel Cargo is at the forefront of sustainable urban delivery.  By replacing trucks and vans, their service reduces climate and asthma-inducing pollution and traffic while making streets safer for biking and walking.  Just two of their delivery bikes prevent six tons of carbon emissions each year and provide the overall benefit of taking one car off the road.  (www.freewheelcargo.com).

As a small business person, its easy to get caught up in the details of everyday. The stress and responsibility can sometimes cast a shadow over the incredible opportunity we have to participate in a larger community. There is so much joy to be had in sharing our common passions and desires for a better future.

It was so inspiring to see all these people, in so many varied professional capacities, come together to celebrate their successes. These are business people who love their communities and want to make them thrive in a sustainable and healthy way.

There are so many people in our own backyard (literally) who spend part or all of their working day committed to the environment, enriching our shared cultural life (all the writers, poets, musicians and artists who share their work with us) and finding better ways to grow our community.  Pete and I are excited about the future, inspired by you and are look forward to finding ways to be a part of West Seattle for a long time to come