Celebrating Twenty Years of C & P POEM

Fourteen poets co-created this poem for C&P Coffee’s 20 year celebration, using a form of poetry called Exquisite Corpse. Each wrote two lines to follow two lines that had been written by another poet, but only saw the other poet’s second line.


We Poets find a home away from home here

A place to send our words winging without fear


poetry bridge stronger than the broken concrete one, steadfast throughout the darkness of covid

bound our hearts and minds together, and reached far out into the world


Cardamom and persimmon carry downwind, the kind

of memory found when we are together like this, witnessing with open hearts


the goddess of poetry unfurling her syllables — spiraling galaxies

careening and pulsating us beyond our mortal bodies, back into stardust


carbon and phosphorous, common and particular, matter

a-shimmer. The matter of us in orbit, ensconced, inspired, aspiring. Here.


Can you think of a better Place for Pie

and Poems- traditional and spontaneous?


Poetry house west town haven- word garden- cursive orange c and p anniversary

Thoughts realized thoughts performed thoughts by bards celebrate cafe mythology

A museum where fellow word painters display their

Tales of sweet surrender laced with deep-dyed espresso


Do you Call this Place a temporary home For a Piece of Pie

or a just-written Poem? Yes, it welcomes both forms of deliciousness


Here. We gather to read aloud and say Yes

To fellow poets, whether they’re applause-prone or attention averse


they can see Koon Woon in back & can prehend David

Fewster’s sideburns from California & Brandon streets

we rush like water bridging coarse hair to smooth jaws

and pasture in cracks and plants set in sidewalk reservations


where words flow, soothe and inspire

root a community in limitless aspirations


Featuring from far end of country,

A shearwater, coursing through air, over seas, thrilling in it


This is where we gather together for poems

And pie and praise, at the end of work days


We chorus and play, a creative home, coffee’s hearth

Poets and dreamers, our verses sway, we bridge the gap


There to here, we seek and scribble, image and music,

Ensconced in coffee and chatter, our souls replenish


Our eyes and ears, retune and return, in short order

To what brought us together, in memory and purpose


Lyn Coffin, Alexander Smith, Andrea Deeken, Shankar Narayan, Pam Carter, Lew Jones, Jean Braun, Paul Nelson, Carrie G-N, Cheryl Latif, Ellen Rittberg, Bonnie Wolkenstein, Arleen Williams, and Leopoldo Seguel

20 Year Anniversary Party

On July 4th, 2023 we hosted a 20 year anniversary party with amazing live music from so many friends, a poem dedication, a beautiful cake, a food truck and YOU!

Pete and I are so grateful for all the years of community, friendship and fun.

Here’s to many more!

With much gratitude,

Cam & Pete



Happy Valentines Day Friends!

“Friendship is the purest love.”

Osho, Light on the Path

19 years ago, we opened our doors for the first time and in you came!

We have enjoyed your cheer, love and laughter during the good times and you continued to shine your light through some very challenging times.

From the bottom or our hearts, thank you.   With love,

Cam and Pete



Well, Hello World …

Well, Hello World,

What an amazing few weeks its been. Opening our doors (well window) and seeing old faces and new friends. Our community has always supported us and I have been moved to tears, reconnecting with you (even if it is behind a mask and 6 feet apart). We laughed, we cried, you brought amazing flowers, I loved seeing your sweet children and adorable dogs.

Pete and I just want you to know how much we appreciate being a part of this amazing community and look forward to happier days ahead. I am positive that the music will float through the air again, the poets and storytellers will share their journey with us, the paintings will make their way back on the walls and the laughter will never stop. It may take some time, but we are in this for the long haul.

We really look forward to seeing more of you over the coming weeks!

Closed Doors, Open Hearts

Dear Friends and Neighbors
It is with a heavy heart that we have decided to temporarily close the coffee house. We feel that it is the best way to support our community and keep our customers and employees safe.

We have established a Go-FundMe “Tip Jar” for our hard working baristas who are most affected by this.
Here is the link if you would like to contribute.
Please don’t hesitate to reach out through Facebook or e-mail: candpco@candpcoffee.com.
We will update the website with any additional news:

We will miss you during our closure but know that we plan on opening up our doors as soon as possible. We will continue to be a community hub of arts, music and conversation. A place where neighbors can share a cup of coffee, support a cause, and a whole lot of joy and laughter.

Our doors may be closed for now but our hearts are open.
With so much love and gratitude,
Cam and Pete

Window Service and Gratitude

Thank you so much for supporting your local coffee house. We appreciate your understanding as we strive to keep our employees and community healthy during this crisis.

You are welcome to come in and pick up a coffee or some whole beans to go.
Unfortunately we cannot allow in-person dining.

If you would like coffee but would prefer to stay outside, we are happy to serve you through the window at the back of the building.

All events have been canceled for now.

With much gratitude and friendship,
Cam, Pete and the Crew