Hard Times

Hello Friends,

What a challenging time for all of us. We are determined to support our fantastic, hardworking employees and the many talented folks who contribute to this community; musicians, artists, poets and writers. We can’t do that without you! We are hopeful that those who are healthy will come to support music, art and small business, knowing that we are doing everything we can to provide a safe, clean environment to enjoy.

We wanted to reassure all of you that we are doing our best to make C & P a clean and healthy environment. We have expanded our daily disinfection procedures and are re-evaluating and implementing new policies every day to keep you and our employees safe.

In addition, We are encouraging those folks who are vulnerable to continue to be vigilant and avoid any gatherings. If you need coffee but don’t feel comfortable coming inside, we are working on a back window pick up area. There is also short term parking in the back (the alley between Juneau and Findlay) as well as lots of outdoor spaces for the kids to run around.

The economic impact from this event will be long and lasting. We are hopeful that we can expand our contributions to the West Seattle Food Bank (cash and non-perishable items). Please check the food bank website for most needed items and feel free to drop off contributions at the coffee shop.

Thank you for continuing to support small business, your neighbors and us so that we can be here well into the future. With love and gratitude,
Cam and Pete

March Artwork on Display

For the month of March, C & P is highlighting the work of artist, designer and illustrator, Beth Lukas.
“Blue Wave” is a body of work inspired by the motion and coloration of starling murmurations. Abstract works on canvas, paper, and clayboard explore the joyful expression of instinct both as an individual and within a group.

Beth’s artist statement:

I am a West Seattle based artist, illustrator and graphic designer, trained in painting at the College of Creative Studies in Detroit, and Illustration & Graphic Design at Seattle Central.

My work is inspired by themes of authenticity, nature, and instinct. Every piece is a dance of intention and chance. Washes of color move and rest where they will, with limited intervention on my part. Shapes are carved out and pushed back with intentional carving or painting to reveal the underlying motion, or to create new motion and depth to the piece.

This specific grouping is inspired by the motion of starling murmurations. I wanted to explore their expression of instinct both an individual and within a group. For this series, I stripped my work down to be purely about the shapes I wanted to see, the movements my hand wanted to make. The result is a body of work that feels deeply instinctual, and went beyond the concepts I generally work within. I feel that it’s the most authentic work I’ve ever done, and I’m thrilled to be able to share it in a community driven environment. bethlukas.com

February’s Artist

For the month of February, C & P is proud to have the work of artist Erika Rimmer. Erika is a self-taught Seattle-based visual artist known for her work with fluid acrylic paint.

Her abstract paintings are inspired by forms and motions found in nature. For her work she uses “paint-pouring” techniques that are difficult to control and result in unpredictable patterns, reflecting the chaos and randomness inherent in the structure of the universe on a macro and micro level.

She works as a graphic designer when she isn’t painting.

Instagram: @erika.rimmer.art

January Artist, Audrey Zemke

For the month of January, C & P is displaying the photography of AUDREY ZEMKE.

Audrey has been taking pictures most of her life influenced by her parents who often had a camera in their hands.

She likes taking pictures with strong lines in them. The geometric styles of Frank Lloyd Wright’s windows and buildings are a strong influence her photos. She likes taking pictures of things that fool the eye.

She started playing with the desire to tell a story in one picture a few years ago. She wondered what items were necessary to get the story across. She is influenced by still life paintings and the desire to capture memories visually. Her still life images in this group are collected or observed. Some are more personal.

She lives in West Seattle with her husband.
She works with a digital camera and pictures that are not digitally altered.

The Sea-Town Podcast

My friend, Christian Harris, Owner and Managing Broker of Sea-Town Real Estate, recently interviewed me for his podcast. He created Sea-Town Podcast to help tell the stories of Seattle based businesses, entrepreneurs and those involved in the community who are making an impact. I really appreciate what he is doing and was honored to participate. Here is a link to the interview.


We Heart West Seattle Benefit Party

C & P is excited to announce our first annual benefit party for Westside Baby https://westsidebaby.org/, the West Seattle Food Bank https://westseattlefoodbank.org/ and West Seattle Helpline http://wshelpline.org/.

There will be food, games, a silent auction, and live music.

Tickets are $25.00 and will be available at the coffee shop and at brown paper tickets. Online Sales begin August 14th, 2019

We hope you can join us in supporting this fun, community event that will support great local causes!