Greetings and Happy New Year!

Pete, Maddy, Ty and I just returned from a friend’s wedding in Thailand. It was a thrilling trip filled with beautiful colors, enticing flavors and elephants! It was also a wonderful opportunity to reflect, with gratitude, upon the fantastic events of 2018.

It was exactly a year ago that our beloved building was unexpectedly put on market for over a million dollars. Our future seemed bleak and uncertain. I would have never guessed, in those dark January days, that our community would come together to save us. It was during that time, that Pete and I developed new friendships and reinforced old ones. Friends, neighbors and family members rallied to help us, boost our confidence and commit to a new vision for our small business. I will be forever changed by those moments.
The celebration party we had on Father’s day was so much fun. The sun shined on the taco truck in the back yard, kids were running around and the beer was flowing. It was awesome to raise a glass with everyone and toast to our future.

As I look to the new year, I am excited to continue our efforts to support the West Seattle Food Bank, Helpline and West Side Baby. I look forward to hearing your music, poems, paintings and learning more about YOUR hopes, dreams and desires. We are always looking to find new ways to engage with our community and hope you will continue to help us towards this goal.

So three cheers to a new year. Another chance to connect with old friends and hopefully make some new ones.
With love and gratitude,
Cam and Pete