March Artwork on Display

For the month of March, C & P is highlighting the work of artist, designer and illustrator, Beth Lukas.
“Blue Wave” is a body of work inspired by the motion and coloration of starling murmurations. Abstract works on canvas, paper, and clayboard explore the joyful expression of instinct both as an individual and within a group.

Beth’s artist statement:

I am a West Seattle based artist, illustrator and graphic designer, trained in painting at the College of Creative Studies in Detroit, and Illustration & Graphic Design at Seattle Central.

My work is inspired by themes of authenticity, nature, and instinct. Every piece is a dance of intention and chance. Washes of color move and rest where they will, with limited intervention on my part. Shapes are carved out and pushed back with intentional carving or painting to reveal the underlying motion, or to create new motion and depth to the piece.

This specific grouping is inspired by the motion of starling murmurations. I wanted to explore their expression of instinct both an individual and within a group. For this series, I stripped my work down to be purely about the shapes I wanted to see, the movements my hand wanted to make. The result is a body of work that feels deeply instinctual, and went beyond the concepts I generally work within. I feel that it’s the most authentic work I’ve ever done, and I’m thrilled to be able to share it in a community driven environment.